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 The Scrub Squad 

 The Scrub Squad 

The scrub squad are a brand team of superheroes from 'The Panto Bus Fun Shop' tv show on YouTube...  
​We will follow them over the series, o
n a mission to help the children of planet earth defend themselves  
​from initially and eventually defeat the dastardly, villainous, virus 'COVID' and his two henchmen '1' and '9'.  

Episode one saw us introduce to their brand new song 'Wash Your Hands'

  The scrub squad are made up of...

​          Super Scrub

​ The leader of The Scrub Squad...
 Super Scrub is a fearless galactic hero from outer space.
 Tasked with heading up the fight against the evil 'COVID'.

            Anti - Bac

 Anti - Bac is Super Scrubs Sidekick and Planet Earth specialist.
 She is extremely smart, extremely tough and loves milkshakes!

         Dr . D. Tergent
 Dr. D. Tergent is the onboard computer intelligence system and
 space navigator for the Scrub squads spacecraft, 
the 'Super Octane Astronautical Pod' or S.O.A.P for short!

 Watch the first episode HERE.... Join us every week for  more adventures with 'The Scrub Squad'