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​2023 - ​Goldilocks 
One of the most beloved fairytale adventures with a brand new twist. Goldilocks and the townsfolk are busy enjoying the annual
​'Porridge Picnic Day'... but she is about to find out there's more going on in 'Bearwood' than anyone in 'Porridgeton' could ever of imagined!
Packed full of original music, comedy, dance fun and of course porridge !!

Available throughout 2023 - Calendars are open to BOOK NOW

Theatre & UK Tour

If you have one or more theatres or a chain of venues such as holiday centres etc
Why not speak to us to see how we can compliment your family theatre program?

 We are delighted to offer the most competitive package around for UK touring theatre and we will work with you to deliver the very best in theatrical production and entertainment. 

'Let us bring the magic to you'

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​Get in touch now to find out how we can bring your imagination to life and your ideas from the page to the stage.

​Calendars fill up fast so

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​2024 - A Pants Pirate Adventure
Join Captain 'Y Fronts' and his band of Pants Pirates in this original, laugh a minute adventure on the high seas! Full of sea sahnty's, original songs, adventure & PANTS !!
Will they defeat 'Lady Lace' to save the day and find the golden long johns?! Get on board to find out!!
        Available throughout 2024 
           Calendars are open to BOOK NOW

Our Theatre Tours

We believe the magic of the theatre cannot be beaten.
We strive to reach as many of the theatres in the UK as possible delivering fun,
inte​ractive, ORIGINAL children's theatre shows.

We WON'T give you recycled scripts from years gone by..... 
WILL bring you fresh fun family shows that are constantly changed to keep them current and relevant without losing any of the stories original charm that everyone has come to know and love.
Our touring children's theatre shows travel nationwide and can be tailored to your venue.

At the heart of every theatre calendar is PANTOMIME!!
We are proud to offer the widest range of pantomime packages around......... 'Oh yes we are' !!!
Resident Theatre Pantomimes are our specialty but we also cater for every type of venue, such as...
Touring Pantomime For Schools - Holiday Centres - Shopping Centres - Airport Lounges - Hospitals 
​Hotels, Social & Sports Clubs and many many more.....

To see some of our theatre pantomimes in action CLICK HERE